DataSafe® Wallets by Kena Kai offer stylish men's and women's wallets, passport wallets and travel accessories designed with our patent-pending DataSafe Technology to specifically protect your personal information from wireless data theft, identity theft, credit card fraud and tracking.  Today's new passports, credit cards, driver's licenses and IDs contain embedded RFID chips that contain data regarding your identity and/or financial accounts.

We now live in a time where a thief does not actually have to physically steal your wallet to get the information inside of it; they can now do this wirelessly!  The DataSafe Technology that we build into all of these wallets, passport holders and travel accessories uses multiple layers of our RFID shielding material to block all unwanted access to the information stored within your wallet and has been certified to meet or exceed the Government's strict new FIPS-201 security guidelines. If you are looking for a wallet, passport holder or travel accessory - for yourself or a friend - we hope that you will consider the safety and peace of mind that DataSafe Wallets offer. Thank you!

Best Sellers
DataSafe Rio Small Zippered RFID Security WalletDataSafe Rio Small Zippered RFID Security Wallet
  • DataSafe Technology has been tested and approved by the US Government to meet or exceed their strict new FIPS-201 security standards!
  • Fun High Gloss Faux Patent-Leather with Shiny Gold Zipper and Rich Brown Trim!
  • Up to SEVEN (7) Layers of RF Shielding Material!
  • 1 EZ-Access Windowed Panel for License or Transit Pass!
  • Full-Length Bill/Cash Section and Slots for 10 cards!
List Price: $59.99
Our Price: $49.99
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